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Egis announces further investments at its site in Körmend

Over the next few years, Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC will invest EUR 21.1 million to increase its capacity at its Körmend site. To finance these developments, Egis will use its own capital and a government subsidy of EUR 3.4 million – announced Csaba Poroszlai, CEO of Egis. In total, the company will devote more than EUR 50 million to the development of the Körmend site of Egis since 2019.


The continuous operation of Egis is vital

The quality of life of millions depends on the availability of our medicines. Egis is one of the leading generic pharmaceutical companies in Central Easter Europe. We produce approximately 170 million boxes of drugs, 700 tonnes of active pharmaceutical ingredients, 5 billion tablets, capsules annually. Our products are available in 65 countries, and annually more than 30 million patients’ recovery depends on Egis Group’s continuous operation.


Pharmaceutical Industry Plays a Key Role

The pharmaceutical industry plays a key role in the Hungarian economy’s change of dimension.

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