Company RDI Project

Research and development of innovative pharmaceutical active substances and products with high added value in the areas of cardiology, oncology and central nervous system diseases.
START DATE: 2017-11-01


In this project, Egis Pharmaceuticals has set the objectives of conducting research and development procedures on several pharmaceutical active substances and products in the areas of cardiology, oncology and central nervous system diseases.



Three new products have been launched                
10 marketable products/active ingredients reached laboratory or pilot-scale technology phase 
Three new products’ prototypes have created 
A national patent application has been filed to protect the innovation resulting from the project; there have been many peer-reviewed publications on the subject. 
 New medicines have been developed that can help to reduce the mortality rates in Hungary by contributing to the adequate treatment of the diseases that most affect the Hungarian population. 


Information on the proposed project:

Principal of the tender: National Research, Development and Innovation Office
Title and code of the call for tender proposals: “Support of business RDI activities”, Vállalati KFI_16
Title and ID of proposed project: “Research and development of innovative, value added APIs and formulated products for cardiovascular, oncological and CNS diseases”, KFI_16-1-2017-0170
Submission date of proposal: 15/02/2017
Date of decision about funding: 08/06/2017
Granted amount and funding intensity in total: HUF 499,800,000 (52.5 %)
Applicant: Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC
Strategic partners:
          ● Eötvös Lorand Research Network, Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Medicinal Chemistry Research Group of the Institute of Organic Chemistry 
          ● H-ION Research, Development and Innovation Ltd. 
Time period for project implementation: 01/11/2017 - 31/10/2019
Total costs of the project: HUF 952,000,000   
 Own resources: HUF 452, 200,000


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