Umbrella Project

Development of innovative cardiovascular products.
START DATE: 2012-07-02


● Development of new, high added-value, generic combination pharmaceutical products (with two or three components), in order to extend and renew the cardiovascular product portfolio of Egis Pharmaceuticals.
● The combination products to be developed will be innovative and unique—as the active substance combinations they contain cannot be found in the same form in any other products available on the market.
● As part of this umbrella project, carrying out research and development activities related to the first, laboratory phase of the multi-year development of combination pharmaceutical products.


 Researchers have performed the following activities in the project, in relation to a total of 14 combination products:
          ● preformulation tests and other preliminary testing,
          ● development of technologies for pharmaceutical products and stability testing,
          ● research and testing of analytical methods for these products, and
          ● establishment of large-scale laboratory technologies.
The new, fixed-dosage combinations developed in this project allow for a more successful therapeutic compliance in patients, as they can take multiple active substances in a single tablet.
Another advantage compared to traditional monotherapies is that due to the synergistic effects of active substances in combination products, and the lower doses thereof, these specific pharmaceutical combinations provide a more efficient therapeutic solution, with less adverse effects.

The price of the newly developed fixed-dosage combination products is expected to be lower than the equivalent treatment of monotherapeutical products containing these active substances individually—which is economically beneficial for the patients, as well as for the health insurance system and pharmaceutical companies.


Information on the proposed project:

Principal of the tender: National Development Agency
Title and code of the call for tender proposals: „Granting R&D&I umbrella projects”, ERNYO_12

Title and ID of proposed project: „Development of innovative cardiovascular products”, ERNYO_12-1-2012-0010

Submission date of proposal: 29/06/2012
Date of decision about funding: 04/09/2012
Granted amount: HUF 240,150,000  
Time period for project implementation: 02/07/2012– 30/09/2013
Total costs of the project: HUF 480,300,000
Provided funding: HUF 215,900,030 

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