In the 2021/2022 business year, the company’s product portfolio consisted of 642 products
The quality of life of millions depends on the availability of our medicines. Egis is one of the leading generic pharmaceutical companies in Central Easter Europe. We produce approximately 170 million boxes of drugs, 700 tonnes of active pharmaceutical ingredients, 5 billion tablets, capsules annually. Our products are available in 65 countries, and annually more than 30 million patients’ recovery depends on Egis Group’s continuous operation. More

Egis Strengthens European Presence in the Biosimilar Area

Hungarian-based Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Mundipharma network for a pegfilgrastim biosimilar. Pursuant to the agreement, Egis gains the exclusive distribution rights related to the medicine used to reduce a common side effect of cancer treatment called neutropenia and the related life-threatening infections. Thus, Egis gets the opportunity to launch this pegfilgrastim biosimilar product in four Eastern European countries.


To Lead a Long and Healthy Life

Health means more than just the lack of illnesses.


Egis is the Golden Sponsor of this Year’s Nationwide Public Health Screening

According to our mission, we serve people with all of our skills, so that they can live a long and healthy life. That is why we chose to support the comprehensive nationwide screening program as a Golden Sponsor in 2019. The state-of-the-art screening truck will tour around the country until Christmas, stopping by 200 spots to offer screenings in 37 different areas.

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